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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
super short updates{1:35 PM}

I'm Backkk =D
well. for the moment la.
So updates ey?
been in KL since last friday. stuffed with GOOD FOOD!
am currently in Taiping Atm.
more nice and cheap food! celebrated my cousie's wedding and his birthday. so chun.
Nothing much to update actually.
Going off to play tennis in a while. but before that, am gonna get a haircut!
so long adi. getting really irritating. haha.
Well.. i'm off. chiaoo. bye!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Bye Bye Blog.. For now!{9:58 PM}

I'm Gonna Stop Blogging.
Yes. u read right. i'm gonna stop blogging for the moment.
too lazy Busy to update!
so yeah. if u wanna check what's going on with my life, fb or twitter me.
or just text me lah. not that hard mah. =)

Friday, November 13, 2009
Beginning of the End{9:30 AM}

I know i've been slacking bout my post.
so here's a quick update to everything that's been happening.
starting off with yesterday, then i'll move backwards.
helped the doulos team yesterday.
margeret was soooo happy with the ciff soap that can remove ANY stains.
LOL. the look on her face was like a kid who just got candy.
so i helped out in the tuition ministry in the afternoon. and hannah and nikki and isabelle did a greattt job teaching! like Salute mans. they really got the kid's attention.
had the chinese sing sing say say last night. damnn the two guys can really sing! and and raymond (the singer/guitarist) is hawtt! xD!
tonight going again. haha. totally awesome singing.
4-5 people accepted christ. AMEENN!
And sam and howard tried convincing me to buy 150 worth of CDS! siaw right? LOL.
i'm just a kid. and what would i do with a bunch of chinese cds anyway? i can barely understand what they were singing on stage. =.=
that's all for yesterday.
So yeah we had a field trip to jong crocodile farm, pitcher plant place and semenggoh.(whatever the spelling is) on tuesday!

Taaa daaa.. this is the beginning of the end. where everyone was so HYPED up for the LAST DAY together.(heart my shirt? xP)

Bunch of whacko retarded people that i heart to bits. i know we had our ups and downs (mostly ups. rarely downs) but u guys are absolutely awesome! and i wouldn't trade u guys for anything =D (sad Jo wasn't in the pic. but she's included as my whacko BFFFFFLLLL! xD!)

My Lovee! Milo + cornflakes = <3
My breakfast? xP thanks tons pn.pui for getting mcD for our breakfast!
and last but not least

Where it all ends. i LOVE this class sooo much! And i HEART PN.PUI! best form teacher EVERRR! feelings were hurt, tears were shed throughout this year.
but our bond is STILL UNBREAKABLE!
these are the times where i wished we had another year together. but it's all gonna end after 1 jan 2010.
so i'm gonna be proud to call myself a 3.1-er of class 2009. forever!
i love u all! and we make a great class =)
this is freaking making me emotional.
haha. i gotta go. need to get everything ready for the outreach on saturday.
mynameismanda(:, X!

Monday, November 9, 2009
ni hao? xD!{5:15 PM}

ma body's aching cause of baddie yesterday.
rawr much.
Happy early by one day birthday ZIII TAOOO! =DD (i'll wish u through text tomorrow)
i woke up at around 7:00 this morning.
had the weirdest dream ever.
went back to sleep again. and woke up around 10.
checked my msgs.
ooo ooo! starting chinese thingie next week. excited i guess.
did nothing much today.
am online most of the time..
got lawatan tomorrow to that jong crocodile farm.
lazy to go. but might change my mind.
boredom is killinggg mee!
ooo.. i can't go any further than this,
ooo.. i want to go offline, it's my only wish.

Saturday, November 7, 2009
all that i'm after =D{8:12 PM}

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter.
As long as I'm laughing with you :)
spent whole day at church.
cleared T room and had lunch and did kids church music practise after that.
quite boring.
so used to her being around all the time.
can't wait till she gets back on tueday.
the next day must confirm go out liaw.
with kim. chey won't be able to make it. she's going off somewhere.
finding songs online for the boys and i. so the next jam session won't be so err.. jammed?
lol. i have half the mind to make them sing medleys. like those las vegas singers with their back ups. haha. with shinny DRESSES and PUFFY hair xD! howard has already got the hair part checked. so no worries eh? :)
ohh yeahh!
u're now 15. a year older and wiser. should be a year more matured eh? (hope and praying so xP) so yeah. thanks for a great year! heart uu. haha stay outta trouble kay lil one? =)
take care fweak! w&t will always be cherished.
lazy blog adi.
so i'm gonna go watch youtube movies. i think.
well chiaoo peeps!
oh oh. look at this adorable pic. =D


Friday, November 6, 2009
last day of school{4:06 PM}

Today's the last day of school for the form 3s!
can't believe it huh?
next year i'm gonna be 16!
still unbelievable to me.
darn, time moves so quickly.
it seems like it was just yesterday that i was in form 1.
oh well. moving on.
today we had the meetings for uniform body and sports house.
got so pissed off that cikgu mati muda kept talking about murid bermasalah.
i mean like students who talks alot and all that ain't bermasalah. they just have alot of things to say. those students that aren't also one day will become problematic cause she keeps refering them as problematic kids.
feel like reporting her to the ministry of education or sue her or something.
might even give her a rock and say that if she ever needs a heart transplant.
the rock fits her PERFECTLY! gawd! she's just so ughh!
blaa.. enough about her.
she's just herself. can't change her.
having lawatan this tuesday. to that crocodile farm. zzz.
then kim,chey and i will be heading to harts for lunch. muahaha!
what's with the directors and nicholas spark's book?
ahhh! like all his books are suddenly becoming movies.
the notebook, the last song and many more.
okayy i better go rest before youth starts.

mynameismanda (:, X!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
What's new?{6:38 PM}

i've changed my blog template.
it ain't so emo anymore?
more white-ish? xP
skipped sch today with kim. suppose to go spring in the morning but am so friggin exhausted. So we went in the afternoon instead. saw chels there with her cousie and her cousie's friend.
kim and i practically spent our whole time talking and sitting at big apple. (was craving for doughnuts. haha what to do)
then daniel kee (some dude from st thom) came and sat with us.
so kim and i did alot of charades cause we didn't know daniel would sit there for SOOO LONGG!
Heading back to sch tomorrow. i have like two more days, then form 3 will be over for me.
getting pretty emotional about that.
screw sch mans! who knew it's so hard to move on!
off for mamak. =) mummy's making us go dinner early so that we'd be back in time to skype with daddy.
chiaoo and nytez!
mynameismanda, X!

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